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Front view of the FireFighter

NEW Smoke Detector takeover module

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“As a retired fire chief, I know the importance of fire safety in the home. The 110v smokes notify the occupant if there is an issue but don’t notify the fire services, with this product it allows us to monitor existing 110v smokes. The FireFighter by Encore Controls is a game changer!”

-Kurt Becker, Vice President, Security Networks

“For half the cost of one wireless smoke detector you can now monitor every smoke in the house.”

-Lance Dean, 2GIG Technologies

“The Encore FireFighter is an industry-changing product that removes all cost barriers to providing whole-home monitored smoke detection.”

-Bill Rose, ASG Security

“FireFighter is the most exciting product I’ve seen in years. The ease of installation and low cost will make it possible to include a FireFighter for all residential customers.”

-Mike Shirley, regional VP, Hawk Security